• Candy Concierge

    Imagine having a special assistant…

    Our Candy Concierge team will help you find the perfect candy and chocolate … or combination of different items to create a wonderful and personalized gift, party or event.

    Contact us at candyconcierge@imaginecandy.com

    Create a Gift

    Sometimes the best gifts are truly personalized

    Do you have a gummy- lover in your family, or your best friend loves caramels or dark rich artisan chocolate. The Imagine Candy Curators have pre-shopped the market.

    We can combine gummy candy with a gummy pencil case or cosmetic bag with a gummy notebook, a gummy backpack, a gummy lunchbox, gummy laces, gummy night light, gummy dry erase board… creating the most spectacular gift for your gummy- lover.

    Or for that chocolate or caramel lover…. The most amazing selection of fine chocolate bars or heavenly, award winning caramels.

    Let us do the shopping for you.


Imagine Candy can satisfy all of your gift giving needs.

Email us at candyconcierge@imagineCandy.com

Belgian Chocolate Pretzels

Whether you’re craving one or one hundred, our irresistible Belgian chocolate covered pretzels will satisfy. Choose from one of our of simply delicious Belgian Chocolate Covered Pretzels or an assortment of fabulously embellished pretzels topped with golden crystals, M&Ms, Jimmies, Toffee crunch, and more! Our pretzels make perfect gifts for family, friends and clients, wonderfully packaged for any special occasion or event!

Classic white box and basket shown.

Delectable Chocolates Bars

Our chocolate bar collection includes products that you won’t find anywhere else, carefully made by artisans, each with their own story to tell! We carry chocolate bars with nuts, licorice, espresso and fruit. We carry bars from chocolatiers in the Pacific Northwest to Europe.

Many are single origin bars and free trade purveyors.

A Trip down Memory Lane

Miss the good old days? Nostalgia candy is one of our favorite ways to bring back those memories! We carry all of your favorite old- time candy including Sugar Daddy, Sugar Baby, Razzles, Button Candy, Dots, Charleston Chew, Pop Rocks and more!

Feeling like a nut?

Imagine Candy’s Candy Curators have tasted a number of products to craft the perfect nut collection! From Hazelnut chocolate bars … to nuts covered in chocolate……. you’ll most definitely be going “nuts” over our nuts!

Whimsical chocolates….Buddha’s, Frogs, Turtles, Pigs…

Nothing is better than delicious chocolate than delicious chocolate in any shape you can imagine.. some filled with creamy caramel or peanut butter that will melt in your mouth! Call us to learn about our unbelievable collection and we will ship you the delight of your choice.

International Delights

Our Candy Curators work day and night all over the globe to uncover the most delicious products. We carry amazing Torrone (nougat) and Tarfufi (truffles) and chocolates. We can help you create the perfect international collection.

Seasonal Selections

Looking for something to give your holiday a special touch? Perhaps a center piece for the dinner table or a wonderful giant and delicious surprise. You can count on Imagine Candy to provide life-size chocolate footballs for Super Bowl….. Pumpkins, Santa’s , Menorah’s, Turkeys, Snowpeople….. large and small. Place your order early.

Fun Candy Baskets

Have a sweet tooth? Imagine Candy can help you create wonderful arrangements with candy & chocolate of your choice! Choose from our nostalgia candies, gummy collection or delicious jelly beans to create a basket full of treats for you or a friend! Don’t stop there! Add from our collection of books, bags and candy accessories! Add Caramels, Chocolate, Pretzels, and more to personalize your gift.


The most creative and elegant party favors available. Whether it’s a Wedding, Shower, Birthday Party, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, Communion or any other milestone event, you’ll find a party favor to reflect the ambience of the event & compliment your personality.

Festive Party Favors

Fabulous platters of our finest Chocolate pretzels or Belgian Chocolates for formal dinners to fun candy platters of your favorite sweets and candies… Imagine Candy can create the sweet collection to satisfy your party needs!

Belgian Chocolates

Each truffle, each piece of chocolate has been selected after a rigorous tasting process. Each so delicious, you won’t be able to resist. Our Collection includess Salted Caramels, Champagne Truffles, Dark Chocolate Almond Bark, Cappuccino Truffles, Grand Marnier Truffle, Chocolate Covered Oreo’s and Graham Crackers, Butter Crunch, Chocolate Covered Whole Apricots, Caramel & Marshmallow Swirls, Chocolate Covered Halvah, Fusion Truffle, Ultimate Truffle…… and much more. We can beautifully box and ship the selection of your choice.

Everything Gummy!

Imagine Candy can help you create the most perfect gift for gummy lovers!

Choose from our selection of gummy backpacks, gummy lunchboxes, gummy night lights, gummy key chains, gummy phone cases, gummy pajamas, gummy blankets …. Notebooks, magnetic boards and giant gummy candy bears and little baby candy gummy bears!

And, there is more … so give us a call to design a perfect gift for you.

Lollipop Land

From age 5 to 95, everyone can find something they like when browsing our fabulous collection of Lollipops! From the traditional Whirly Pop to our delicious chocolate- covered rice krispy lollipops … let’s not forget lollipop spoons with natural honey and lollipops with bacon. Our lollipop collection is sure to please any palate. Find lollipops of all shapes, sizes and colors.

Many lollipops can be customized to your favorite colors and with your name.

The Caramel Collection … It’s a Mouth Party!

Made by only the best and uncovered by the shop’s Candy Curators, our Caramel Collection will put a smile on the face of anybody with a sweet tooth. The finest caramels, made with the most pure, natural and delectable ingredients.

Design your own collection or work with our Candy Curator.

Some are gluten/nut free, some traditional, some made with coconut milk and others with goats milk.

A Bag for Everything!

Need something fashionable to carry your lunch, cosmetics or school supplies? Imagine Candy carries an amazing line of lunch boxes, cosmetic bags and pencil cases in all shapes, sizes and colors that all of your friends and classmates will love!

Candy Accessories

Make school or work more exciting with some sweet accessories! With our collection of colorful and creative notebooks, journals, phone cases, pencil cases, key chains, gummy lights and more, everyone is sure to find something they’ll love!

Hundreds of Candies

Imagine Candy carries hundreds of delicious treats by the jar. We can create baskets with the selections of your choice. Call us to place your order.

Party Favors Big & Small

Party Favors big and small, some provide a sweet goodbye as guest head home. Others enable them to take the party home with them.

Selection for All: Nut/Gluten/Dairy/Sugar Free, Kosher, Raw and Organic

For every preference, allergy, or sensitivity, you are guaranteed to find the high quality selections of Candy, Caramel, Artisanal Chocolates, Popcorn and more at Imagine Candy. Our Candy Curators have made sure to carry premium Gluten/ Nut/ Dairy/ Sugar Free, Raw, Organic & Kosher selections for everyone to indulge.